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Medicine In the Extremes, an international summer school on Disaster Management & Emergency Medicine

Program Sections: Disaster Management Emergency Medicine Psychology in Disasters

  Disasters, whether natural in cause or man made, share a number of characteristics which all contribute to make them challenging for the healthcare professional to face such circumstances. Medicine In the Extremes or in short MIE, started as a summer school program with the aim to deepen medical students’ skill and ability in facing challenges common in times of disaster.

  Our first program was held in the summer of 2016 with a focus on disaster Management. The program had participants from several countries including Iran and Germany, and was held over the course of 7 days.

  The next MIE was held in 2018. For the second year of the school, we expanded the scope significantly to not only include the basics of Disaster Management, but also the principles and necessary skills of Emergency Medicine. The result was a 9 day course with the attendants form several European countries as well as Iran. The school was also the first in presenting two workshops on psychological topics related to human reactions in times of crisis. For MIE 2018, we had the honor and privilege to work with some of the renowned organizations of the field such as UN-HABITAT, MSF or Iranian Red Crescent.

  We are pleased to announce that we are planning to hold the third school on the summer of 2019. For this year, the program is planned to focus on the same general topics (Disaster Management, Emergency Medicine and Psychology in Disasters) as MIE 2018, although the exact subjects depend on our collaborating organizations and partners.

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